Monday, 3 August 2015

Week One: Independent Study

Unreal Engine 4: Similarities/Contrasts to Other Software
  • WASD based movement of camera as opposed to Sketchup/Rhino's click and zoom setup. Was very familiar due to its employment in the majority of video games on PC.
  • Like Rhino, Unreal Engine utilises orthographic views.
  • Movement/Rotation/Scaling of objects is very intuitive and efficient. Switching between these options utilise the close keys of 'W', 'E' and 'R', and users have the option of moving the camera along with the object.
  • Ability to link (or 'parent') actors together as another means of creating and selecting groups.
  • The 'Blueprints' editor is quite similar to the Grasshopper visual scripting system of using input and output based components.
  • As its main purpose is to create video games, Unreal Engine 4 allows a simulation of the level, which also serves as a means of testing any animations of objects.